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Kiwi Intranets is an online group for intranet and digital workplace professionals (primarily from New Zealand) to share their knowledge so that all digital workplaces and intranets improve.

Kiwi Intranets is open for anyone to view and members may comment, ask and answer questions. This openness is good in that it makes the group easy to find, but at times presents difficulties for members. If you have a question that you would like asked but which for personal or professional reasons you do not wish to have associated with you then please ask one of the regular contributors, to ask the question on your behalf.

If you are a vendor you're welcome to contribute to Kiwi Intranets. We expect you will do so in a way which is sensitive to the groups ethos which is sharing information to improve digital workplaces and intranets. If you deliver insensitive sales pitches you will be censured and asked to contribute positively to the discussion. This forum is primarily by and for digital professionals and practitioners, we welcome considered contributions from vendors in the spirit of this forum.

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